Pick up an everyday pen and make amazing art!

  • 26 animals to draw, from an armadillo and a box turtle to a yak and a zebra
  • Learn to create textures like the hard shell of a turtle, the long straggly hair of a llama, and the rough, coarse skin of an iguana
  • Drawing techniques include stippling, cross-hatching, and more, to make different tones of gray and black, textures, and realistic details
  • Beginner-friendly advice to capture each animal's unique personality and physical traits using different pen techniques and strokes
  • Author D. L. Miller is the illustrator and author of the popular BigFoot series for children

Learn how to draw realistic animal portraits from A to Z with this insightful guide!

With Learn to Draw Realistic Animals with Pen & Marker, aspiring artists of any skill level will learn how to draw extremely detailed animal portraits using affordable, beginner-friendly supplies like felt tip pens and markers. Both beginning and experienced artists will enjoy the practice of drawing 26 amazing animals from A to Z, with all their unique features and textures—from the hard shell of a turtle and the straggly hair of a llama to the coarse skin of an iguana and more!

Inside this engaging guide, you'll find step-by-step guidance on drawing an elephant, toad, koala, sloth, cat, dog, ferret, hedgehog, mouse, giraffe, jellyfish, newt, and more. You'll even learn how to draw unusual wild animals like a quokka, urial, vampire bat, and Xerus. Each of the 26 projects include detailed instructions and illustrations, with lessons on drawing techniques such as stippling, crosshatching, short hatching, and other pen strokes, to create tons of realistic details and ensure you can capture any type of animal texture.

Each project is accompanied by a reference photo to guide you as you draw, and a fun fact about each animal. Also included is a complete overview on pens and paper, textures and techniques, and building detail in layers. Fun and easy-to-follow, this complete guide is an excellent source of inspiration for anyone seeking to learn how to make stunning art—without using fancy pens!

Master several drawing techniques and learn how to draw stunning animal portraits with realistic details you'll want to reach out and touch, with Learn to Draw Realistic Animals with Pen & Marker!

Paperback book measures 8 1/2 x 11, 128 pages.


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