The Whale Museum has been gifted an amazing collection of lighthouses. Our deep gratitude is expressed to Island resident Catherine Clowers for this wonderful gift. The intent is for this donation to be a fundraiser, so we decided the best way for that to happen is to place them for sale on our website.

We have over 100 collectible lighthouses and with a few exceptions, we have one of each in stock. They are all clean, damage-free, and will be shipped in their original boxes with a certificate of authenticity. They are all discontinued catalog items.

The Harbour Lights Lighthouse Collection is exclusive and features award-winning hand-painted and numbered lighthouse sculptures. They are authentic replicas of some of the oldest and most famous lighthouses. To see a printed list of the lighthouses, click hereAll of the available lighthouses are now on our website, but we are still in the process of uploading pictures. 

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