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Our hours are 10:00 am - 4:00 pm every day. We will be maintaining those hours through the summer. If you are planning on visiting the museum as a group we do offer a schedule around our open hours. Please contact Chad by email for more information.

    Thank you for your patience and for visiting us safely!
    Please call or email with any questions: (360) 378-4710 ext. 30 or info@whalemuseum.org.

    It is announcement time! 🎉

    Element was the winning name for the Name the Baby Contest.
    The name comes from a museum member who says the baby is from 'the element of Surprise'.
    Element’s mother, Surprise! (L-86) certainly did that on February 17, 2021, when she was seen with her new offspring, Element (L-125). It is not known if Element is a male or female.

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    Several months of closure means that we are struggling financially.

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    The Whale Museum Team
    Please contact the administration office at 360-378-4710 or via email at info@whalemuseum.org with any questions.

    The Whale Museum: promoting stewardship of whales and the Salish Sea ecosystem through education & research.

    In the Pacific Northwest of the United States lives the Southern Resident Community of Orcas, an endangered population of orcas, sometimes known as "killer whales".

    The Whale Museum, located in beautiful Friday Harbor, Washington, opened to the public in 1979 as the first museum in the country devoted to a species living in the wild. Today, our museum continues to promote stewardship of whales and the Salish Sea ecosystem through education and research.

    Help support the Southern Resident orcas by making a donation, adopting an orca, or becoming a member of The Whale Museum. Or, simply pay us a visit! Our Gallery of Whales is a great way for individuals, students and families to receive a personal introduction to the whales of the Pacific Northwest. Purchase admission tickets online.

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