From abundant times to tough times, the Southern Residents don't give up in their pursuit of finding food. Humans are often fascinated by these most magnificent beings. Each whale in the Community is an individual with his/her own personality, this includes Memory Pages of family members. From over 15 years of observing the whales of J, K, and L pods, Jeanne Hyde has compiled booklets with images and text to tell some of the stories of members of J, K, and L pods.

It may seem like a sad booklet when most of these whales are no longer living. But their connection to each other lives on in those who are still with us, giving us a greater understanding of their culture.

It incorporates four who are still living and have been seen in 2021. Wave Walker L-88,  Ino L-54, and her two - Coho L-108 and Keta L-117.



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