Proceeds from orca adoptions support ongoing education, research and public outreach on behalf of the Southern Resident Community of killer whales.

Tahlequah is one of Princess Angeline's (J-17) offspring. Tahlequah's two living siblings are her brother, Moby (J-44), and her sister, Kiki (J-53). Tahlequah is mother to Notch (J-47) who was born in 2010. Her niece, Star (J-46), is three months older than Notch. With the loss of her mother in 2019, Tahlequah has four family members in her charge. Tragically, Tahlequah brought world-wide recognition to the plight of the Southern Residents in July 2018 when she carried her deceased calf (Ti-Tahlequah) for 17 days.  Joyfully, Tahlequah gave birth to her third calf, Phoenix (J-57) in September 2020.

A one-year symbolic orca adoption includes:

  • A personalized adoption certificate with a 3" x 5" photo of your whale.
  • A personal biography of your whale.
  • A genealogy chart.
  • A 16-page informational booklet about the Southern Resident Orcas.
  • An annual subscription to our Cetus newsletter.
  • Monthly orca updates delivered via email.
  • A one-year Whale Museum individual membership.
  • Eco Friendly adoption delivered via email includes personalized desktop certificate, Orca Sound Clip (patch, bumper sticker and 16-page Southern Resident Orca booklet not included).

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Instead of another certificate and 16-page booklet, we'll send you a "renewal star" for your current certificate and a new 4" x 6" photo of your whale. You'll also receive an "Orca Steward" magnet instead of a patch (not included in eco-friendly renewals).
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