By Marni Fylling; Foreword by Chris Giorni. Copyright 2015. 

The shores of the Pacific coast are home to astonishingly diverse life-forms. When the tide goes out, you will find a vibrant world full of spectacular wildlife!

- Giant green anemones paraluze their prey with petal-like tentables

- Sunflower sea stars traverse the tide pool on tenty-four limbs

- Hermit crabs squabble over the best shells 

- Orange-tipped, opalescent sea slugs dabble in cannibalism

- And more...

This field guide describes the most common species of flora and fauna in the Pacific intertidal zone: their size, sonation, distinguishing features, and their fascinating (if sometimes gruesome) habits. Large color illustrations make identification easy, and tips for viewing help you explore the abundance that tide pools have to offer. 



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