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June 2018 Letter from the Executive Director

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Our Orca Adoption Program and Gift Shop do raise funds for our education and research programs, but they do not raise them all. The Whale Museum needs you to help fulfill our mission. Your special gift makes a big difference. Please click the blue button to make a contribution now. If you would prefer to have your gift designated for a specific program or need, please let us know in the "questions/comments" field. Below is a partial list of current needs and opportunities. Thank you!

 Programs and Seminars

  • Soundwatch: sponsor one full-day of Soundwatch patrols on-the-water - $500 per day, May-September
  • Title 1 (Low Income) Schools Program & Museum tour: $300 per school
  • Pod Nods Sleep-Over Adventures for Kids! (total of six overnights each summer) - $100 per program; scholarships - $40 each
Evening Events
  • Guest Speaker Event (i.e., Alexandra Morton) - $500 per sponsor
  • Guest Performer Event (i.e., Raven Dancer Gene Tagaban) - $500 per sponsor
  • Summer Science Lecture Series (ten lectures) - $75 per lecture or $500 per series
  • "Artists & Authors" Events (six events annually) - $75 per event or $300 per series
  • Facility Sponsorship (help maintain our historic building, built in 1892) - $500 per month
  • Exhibit Hall Sponsorship (help protect and upgrade this public space) - $500 per month
  • Exhibit Hall Refurbishment: replace panels - $175 per panel, Chinook salmon and the Southern Resident orca exhibit - $600, history of The Whale Museum exhibit - $500 
  • Research Publications: We have additional research publications in the works; each costs about $2,500 to process and get published. It'd be great to publish each year. $2,500.
  • Library/Collections Sponsorship (help maintain and build this collection which is available to the public; our library is part of the San Juan Library system!) - $250 per month
  • SeaSound Upgrade & Maintenance: $3,450.  The hydrophone streams live on the internet (  Maintenance dives and hardware upgrades are needed to keep the hydrophones going (5 dives at approximately $450 each; $1,200 equipment upgrades).
  • Support HVAC System by helping with increased utility costs: estimated $200/monthly. The exciting news is funding has been secured to install the HVAC/Temperature Control system in the Exhibit Hall. Once we turn it on, though, we anticipate that our electic bill will increase significantly.

Additional Programs/Departments:

  • Exhibit Hall & Gallery (open year-round) – seeking monthly sponsors at $500 each
  • Education (includes school tours, Pod Nods, workshops, and Marine Naturalist Training)
  • Soundwatch (educating boaters and kayakers year-round, the busiest period is May-Sept.)
  • Research (primarily focused on acoustics and sightings)
  • Marine Mammal Stranding Network (operates year-round, busiest period is June-Sept.)
Additional sponsor benefits: Invitation to a private sponsor event in the Exhibit Hall. Annual passes to the Museum.

Nuts & Bolts
  • Gift Shop: window blinds (three sets estimated at $375 each)

Special Opportunities

  • Hydration Station: For the public's use, a combination water fountain & reusable water bottle fill-up station. $6,000
  • 2nd Phase of Building Renovation: Insulate the last wall in need, estimate $20,000
  • Install Elevator: estimated cost for full project - $100,000
  • Replace side porch, would including elevator shaft: $100,00
  • Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System: estimate $135,000
In general, what do sponsors get in return?
  • Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation!
  • Recognition: in specific printed program/event materials, in program/event marketing, and on our website.
  • Acknowledgment on our in-store Sponsor Board and in the Cetus newsletter

For more information or additional opportunities, please contact: Jenny L. Atkinson, Executive Director by email or phone (360) 378-4710 ext. 26.

To sponsor, please click the "Make a Donation" button at the top of this page and indicate what you are sponsoring in the "Questions/Comments" field.


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