Thank you for voting! The name will be announced on November 15 - Stay Tuned!


That's right! It's time to Name the Orca Baby K-45!

Through the Orca Adoption Program, each calf receives a name. This November, Spock's new baby, K-45, will receive her name. You can vote for your favorite name now until Friday, November 11. All voting will be through email.

How do we come up with the names? Members of The Whale Museum suggest names for the ballot. We are, as always, thrilled by everyone's participation and enthusiasm! Of the names suggested and based on certain criteria, four potential names are selected and then placed on the ballot (see below). 

So cast your vote! Voting ends midnight (PST) on November 11th.

Below is the ballot with name choices for K-45 -- check them out & vote

Vote by sending an email ballot* with your name choice by clicking on the name below.

K-45 beside her mom, Spock (K-20)            photo credit: Jeanne Hyde

K-45 is a girl and has an older brother, Comet (K-38). Name options for K-45 are listed below. Please click on your name choice to send your email ballot.

Vote by clicking on a name above to send an email ballot.* Make sure the name you are voting for is included in the Subject Line of your email.

(*A ballot consists of one name choice for the baby orca. Limit of one ballot submission per email address.)

K-45's name will be announced on November 15, 2022!

After the baby receives a name, she will be included in the Orca Adoption Program and available to be symbolically adopted.

It is only through an understanding of the orcas' needs for a healthy habitat and plentiful food resources that we can develop the conservation policies which will ensure their survival. The Whale Museum is committed to providing a variety of educational programs to share information on how we can all help. Orca Adoptions help support this mission. Adopt an Orca today! Click on Meet the Whales to select the orca you want to symbolically adopt.



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