A new and unique way to learn about whales!

Enter the whales’ world with Gentle Giants of the Salish Sea, an innovative, exciting, and interactive curriculum designed to enhance your learning potential. This program is easy for kids and adults alike to use and understand. So, come experience how the whales live by learning about these magnificent marine mammals and their connection to the ocean ecosystem.

Gentle Giants of the Salish Sea is the updated, computerized, and adapted version of the popular book Gentle Giants of the Sea, first published in 1981 and again in 1986 by The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, Washington. Gentle Giants of the Sea was written and developed through the joint efforts of educators and cetologists as a flexible teaching tool. This new curriculum is intended to provide people the unique opportunity to bring the whale and its world into the classroom or home. Gentle Giants of the Salish Sea does this and more by utilizing an interactive way to learn about the whales that make the Salish Sea their home, ensuring their survival for future generations. Become a whale steward today.

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