Eco-Friendly Orca Adoptions are the green way to Meet the Whales and get to know an individual orca. All items are delivered to your email! Eco-Friendly Orca Adoptions are a one-year symbolic adoption of the Southern Resident Orca of your choice and include:

    • A desktop image of your personalized adoption certificate featuring a photo of your whale.
    • A personal biography of your whale.
    • A genealogy chart for your orca's pod.
    • A sound clip (mp3) from your orca's pod
    • An overview chart of the Southern Resident Community of Orcas
    • An annual subscription to our Cetus newsletter.
    • Monthly orca updates

All delivered electronically! Currently, Eco-Friendly Orca Adoptions as an Individual Adoption. Gift options available. Just go to the Adopt an Orca page and choose a whale. Then select package type "Individual Adoption" and delivery type "Email (Eco-Friendly)."  For Gifts, the selections are the same. 

Delivered by email but still customized for you by our Orca Adoption Team. Please allow 3 business days for processing.


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