Spirit Stones were made as little reminders to stay connected and keep thriving each day. Keep a spirit stone in your pocket to help gently remind you of your needs, wants, and dreams. 

Designs available:

  • Sodalite Whale by Paul Windsor, Haisla, Heiltsuk. Sodalite is a semi-precious stone that represents insight, clarity and intuition while the etched whale symbolizes community, loyalty and deep connections with one another.
  • Howlite Spirit Owl by Maynard Johnny Jr., Coast Salish, Kwakwaka'wakw. Howlite is a semi-precious stone that represents tranquility and peace while the etched owl teaches us to use our intuitive nature by sharing an ancient wisdom that connects us to one another.
  • Picture Jasper Rven and Light by Corey Bulpitt, Haida. Picture Jasper is a semi-precious stone that represents connection and awareness while the etched raven is a life-giving spirit. The raven brings light to the earth for humanity to exist.
  • Green Aventurine Bee by Paul Windsor, Haisla. Heiltsuk. Green Aventurine is a semi-precious stone that represents confidence and prosperity while the etched bee symbolizes a love for community. They work hard and care for the hive.

Measures 1.5" to 1.75". Designed in Canada; manufacture in China.


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