Owls 2023 Wall Calendar. Photography by Paul Bannick

  • Combines national holidays and moon phases with notable birding events
  • Notes birthdays of influential birders and anniversaries of the passage of important environmental legislation
  • Each month features a small companion photograph plus a mini-essay about Bannick’s encounters with the featured owl species

This striking 2023 wall calendar features 24 original photographs of North American owls, by the master of owl photography himself, Paul Bannick. Ranging from the iconic Great Horned Owl that you might hear in your own neighborhood to the magical Snowy Owl that delights lucky birders in the Lower 48 during irruption years to the rare and endangered Spotted Owl that few of us will ever experience in the wild--each month showcases stunning imagery.

Let Owls bring the outdoors to your home or office; it also makes a beautiful gift for every bird enthusiast on your list.

$8.95 $14.95

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