Granny J-2 and Lime Kiln Lighthouse
Lime Kiln Point State Park is located on the west side of San Juan Island. The historic lighthouse is the base of some of The Whale Museum's research, including SeaSound (hydrophone), Sightings & Observation (Dr. Bob Otis, Jeanne Hyde and the webcam) as well as an awesome place to learn more about the Southern Resident orcas and the Salish Sea ecosystem.

The bathymetry is very dramatic in this area. Within 25 feet of the shoreline, the ocean floor drops to 960 feet deep! This allows the whales to swim very close to shore while they forage, socialize or just pass by. Because they do this so often, this park is nicknamed Whale Watch Park.

Link to SeaSound to listen live, 24/7.

Our webcam located on the lighthouse and available to watch live.


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