The Whale Museum has been gifted an amazing collection of lighthouses. The intent was for this donation to be a fundraiser and we have decided the best way for that to happen is to place them for sale on our website.

We have over 100 collectible lighthouses and with a few exceptions, we have one of each in stock. They are all clean, damage-free, and will be shipped in their original boxes. They are all discontinued catalog items.

The Harbour Lights Lighthouse Collection is exclusive and features award-winning hand-painted and numbered lighthouse sculptures. They are authentic replicas of some of the oldest and most famous lighthouses.

Ornament Set (Code HL702): This 1996 special edition set of  3 Christmas ornaments, sized 2" by 2" by 1.5", includes Big Bay Point (MI), Holland (MI), and Sand Island (WI). (Special Editions, Christmas). *

*Incomplete Set: Not included is the Burrows Island (WA)


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