Everyone loves stickers, and these ones are special! Each book contains either shiny or realistically drawn stickers by Jan Sovak

Realistic Dolphins include accurate images of Commerson's, Indo-Pacific Hump-Backed, Hector's, Common, Fraser's. Bottlenose, Hourglass, Long-Snouted Spinner Dolphin, Dall's, Amazon River, Spectacled, and Spotted Dolphin

Realistic sharks include accurate images of 13 ocean-going predators, including the bonnethead, bull, zebra, mako, silvertip, great white, and 7 other awesome creatures of the deep.

Shiny Shark stickers feature a shiny coating that gives sharper detail to three depictions of the Great White shark, plus the Bull, Sand, Reef, Sharpnose, Whitetip, Black Tip, and Sandbar sharks. 10 designs.

Shiny Whale Stickers contain 10 of the ocean's largest mammals with a shiny and sparkly covering. Humpback, Orca, Grey, Blue, Beluga, Mink, Right, Narwhal, Sperm, and False Killer whale and all included in this booklet 

Seashore Bird Stickers has sixteen delightful, accurately rendered stickers of birds that live in northern coastal areas, such as the black bellied plover, ruddy turnstone, American oystercatcher, black skimmer, herring gull, common tern and ten others. 





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